GTD: Where I am at

A long time ago I wrote a blog post about how I was progressing with my GTD (Getting Things Done) system.  I thought I would circle back to see how things have progressed.

I still don’t follow the GTD method that is laid out by David Allen.  I just couldn’t get it to work right.  I also found I was just making more time for me to do more work.  Not what I want to do really.

For one thing, I gave up on OneNote.  For me it is just to unwieldy.  I also now have an iphone and there is no OneNote client for the iphone.  Also, I could never get the OneNote mobile client to work the way I wanted it to when I had a windows based smartphone.  I do like the Evernote application.  It is a really nice desktop and iphone application that can do many things and does them well.  I use evernote to type up my notes and take pictures of things I want to remember like business cards and things like that.  It is easy to search for my information which is a key requisite in my system.

I also use the “Remember The Milk” (RTM) application.  It is a web based application.  It also has a really nice iphone application (paid version only).  I started to use the RTM application because I started to work somewhere where I didn’t have full control of my Outlook tasks and couldn’t sync to my iphone.  I use RTM to set up reminders and to remember things I might have to do for work or need to be done around the house.  I can be alerted via several methods whether it is an SMS text, email, or even by twitter.

I have started using a moleskine cahier as my catch all “to do list”. I take a cahier with me everywhere.  I don’t always carry my iphone with me wherever I go (I know blasphemy!).  I still haven’t gotten used to typing on the iphone and can write faster in the cahier.  I protect it with a leather cover from Renaissance Art.  The cahier has a very flimsy cover and while that makes it easier to carry in your pocket, it will tend to fall apart without this protection. 

I have a large moleskine notebook that I use to take notes in.  I keep the notebook in a Rickshaw folio.  I like this folio a lot.  It holds a few of my pens and pencils and some other odds and ends and isn’t too big.

I also keep a journal.  It is an Oberon Design Lotus Icon journal.  This is starting to go with me everywhere.  I might do a post later about this journal in more length.

All in all this system works for me.  Yes, there are a lot of “inboxes”, but it allows me to be flexible.  I have successfully dealt with the “What should I use, digital or analog for my GTD system?” by using both ;-).  I might have a few minor tweaks like using the new extra small moleskine volant’s instead of the larger cahiers for my catch all notes.

3 thoughts on “GTD: Where I am at

  1. Nice post –
    But GTD note tools have never helped me with my work schedules so I’ve started working on the items rather than spending time logging them on the GTD systems.

    Nice post BTW 🙂

  2. Hi Helen,

    Agreed! GTD just seemed like a distraction and I could never get it to work right. For one thing, I have been blessed with a decent memory and I can prioritize fairly well. I have kept some of the processes like the one where if you can get it done within 5 minutes, do it now. I have my own rule on that though and only do two of those things before I return to what I was doing. Any more than that and it is too hard to get back on track again.

    I do find the process of getting the cruft out of my head to be a blessing though as it allows my mind to slow down a bit which was starting to get out of control there.

    One of the main reasons I am doing this is I am hedging my bets against “brain fade” as I get older. I want to work on the process now and start getting in the habit of using it now.

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