New job

I start a new job tomorrow.  I had only worked at my previous job for two months.  I believe that is a record for me.  I am not one to job hop from job to job.  I like to become part of “the gang” that has been there for a while and has a lot of knowledge of the position.  It is a double edged sword staying at one place for too long as you can get stuck in a rut and the routine can start wearing you down. 

I am excited about this new position as it has a lot of possibilities ahead of it.  My previous position was a contractor position which was technically a long time contract at times it didn’t feel like it.  This helped make the decision to go with this new position.

I do feel blessed that in this economy I was able to have a choice on where I work.  Many others are not so fortunate and I realize that.  Along with many others I am looking forward to when the economy picks up and the unemployment rate can go back down again.

Onwards and upwards!

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