People, are you that retarded?

The country that I live in (the USA) seems to be full of people who JUST DON”T GET IT.  Case in point: Obama defends plan to build a mosque near ground zero.  Now the bat shit crazy tea baggers, right wing zealots, and baby boomers (ok, that last one is a generalization, but not by much) are coming out and saying that Obama is wrong for saying this and pretty much even allowing it.  I mean how dare he allow for religious freedom in the country founded on among other things freedom of religions to the people who make the USA their home.

Look, just because a mosque is being built a couple of blocks away from ground zero doesn’t mean that the Muslims will be planning their next attack from that very location.  It also doesn’t mean anything that Muslims are building near ground zero because they didn’t blow up the twin towers.  Religious extremist nut jobs blew up the twin towers. 

What about Timothy McIdiot?  Some have speculated that he had very strong Christian beliefs and was a member of a Christian cult tied in to the Aryan brotherhood.  Should they never build a Christian church near the Oklahoma bombing location?  Of course they should.  Timothy McVey was a crazed person just like the twin tower bombers.

People, this country is about freedom of speech and religion.  You are a bigot, racist, and at the very least small minded if you think for one second that a religion that is based on peace and understanding like many of the other great religions out there is out to get the rest of us.  The Christians had their crusades that killed and murdered thousands of people.  No one is a saint, get over it.

This pic pretty much sums up the whole issue:


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