Denon AHD2000 Headphone review

I am partially color blind.  Most of what I see is in shades of grey.  As such, my sense of hearing is more acute than most people I think.  I really focus in on hearing things more than seeing things.  A lot of people don’t hear things that I hear especially with regards to music.Lauren wearing Denon AHD2000

One thing I really like to do is listen to music.  I mean REALLY listen to music.  Sure it is nice to have some music playing in the background, but there are times (especially late a night on weekends between 11pm and 1am) I like to turn the lights down low, sit in a big comfy chair and listen to some of my favorite music.  The type of music I mostly listen to is Electronica, Ambient, and 80’s.  I do listen to many different types of music though including alternative, reggae, 70’s, hard rock, and new age.  I love deep bass.

When I listen to music, I like to listen with headphones.  Headphones allow me to listen to music at relatively loud volumes without disturbing anyone.  Also, a good pair of headphones will sound better than speakers unless you have several thousands of dollars for a pair of quality speakers.  I have a decent setup with some Polk speakers upstairs and some Bose downstairs for the home theater, but I can’t blast those late at night.

My old Sennheiser 545 headphones are 15 years old.  For the past year, they have been starting to sound a bit “frayed” as best I can put it.  Low ends aren’t that tight and high ends have a slight crackle/hiss to them.  It was time for a new pair. 

I tried listening to several brands including some Audio Technica’s, Grado’s, Sennheiser, Denon, Beyer Dynamic, Bose, and Sony’s.  I don’t need any noise cancelling headphones as I tend to listen to music in a quiet room.  I looked at some wireless models, but they seemed to be a little expensive for what you were getting.  As I walked around the showroom, I noticed a few times the wireless models would pop or lose connection to the base station.  No thanks.

I finally settled on a pair of Denon AHD2000’s.  These headphones are a closed back design.  My old Sennheiser’s were an open back model.  I decided to go with a closed back model due in part to the extended bass end that these types of headphones have.

0020522000_3331[1] Bass is definitely the strong point of these headphones.  The sound is tight and clean.  I have had the headphones about a week now and I haven’t heard any distortion on the low end.  Mid range is about average.  Voices are clear, but not terribly so.  Hi end is crisp and bright.  I think my old Sennheiser’s might have had a little bit better mid range, but not by much.

Fit and finish are superb.  The ear pieces are plastic (I believe), but they feel like metal and are quite solid.  The frame is made out of magnesium, light and strong.  The ear pieces are a leatherette material (leather would have been nicer).  There is a standard mini plug that screws into a full size plug.  The cord is wrapped in a thick material that coils fairly easily. 

I have a fairly large head.  The headphones fit quite well on my head.  There is no pressure on the top of my head from the headphone band.  The ear pieces fit perfectly over my ears (I do have rather small ears though).

I was a bit nervous getting a pair of closed headphones wondering if they would be too warm during extended listening periods.  I am glad to report that I have no problems listening to these headphones for many hours with just a slight bit of heat build up and fatigue.  The ear pieces are fairly large and when I am laying back against a pillow, they tend to push the headphones forward a bit, but not too much.  Even though these are closed ear headphones, some sound does leak out.  Not as much as my Sennheiser’s, but more than I thought would from this type of headphone.

I am very pleased with these headphones.  They are a treat to listen to.  Songs I have listened to for years sound brand new and alive.  I keep hearing new things in songs that I hadn’t heard before in any other headphones or speakers I have owned.  Most headphones require a break in period before you start to hear what they will eventually sound like.  If I hear anything different after the break-in period, I will update my post.


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