Freedom of Speech + Internet = BOOYA!!!

I know everyone has their opinion as to the release of the US Iraq war files on wikileaks (  Here is my take on it.  As a veteran and a tech geek, I am 100% behind the people who released the files and it makes me proud to be both a veteran and a tech geek.  The American tax paying public (and the world for that matter) has a right to know what really happened during the Iraq war.  The only caveat I have is that the information needs to be vetted and truthful because if it isn’t, then that creates a whole other set of issues.  If the powers that be did nothing that went against the Geneva convention and other rules of engagement, then the US Government/military has nothing to worry about and the files will be boring and have little interest to most people other than some war historians.  If the war was conducted outside these rules and regulations, then there should be repercussions to those that broke the rules.

I am glad we have the internet for exactly this reason.  It allows for the democratized dissemination of information that travels to the most far flung reaches of the planet.  Most people forget what the internet was created for.  People often forget this as they use the WWW buying things on Ebay, killing Orcs on World of Warcraft, and watching movies streaming over Netflix.  At its heart it is still a medium to store and share ideas and information. 

Knowledge IS power and those that thought they had it got taken down a few pegs and that isn’t such a bad thing at all in my book.  Any government is put in place to serve its populace and not the other way around.  By having a transparent view into the goings on of a government helps keep the checks and balances alive and well.


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