Disembodied voice

This morning I was eating some breakfast while surfing the web, checking work email, the usual stuff.  Cassandra was in the kitchen doing some dishes.  Cassandra looked out the back window and made a comment about the poor neighbors being outside with their dog for 15 minutes (waiting for the dog to do its business).  About 5 seconds later I hear over my right shoulder about where the staircase is a child say, “15 minutes” in kind of a light hearted tone.  It didn’t quite sound like Cameron, but it didn’t quite sound like Lauren either.  I asked Cassandra if the kids were awake.  She replied they weren’t (I later went upstairs to brush my teeth and their door was closed and both were sound asleep).  I also asked if she repeated saying “15 minutes”.  Nope.

I have no idea who or what said the second “15 minutes”.  I guess this is just another one of those quirky things in life that goes unexplained.

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