Technology: Still amazed by it

While at work today I attended an "All Hands IT Meeting".  During the meeting a picture came up on the overhead in a PowerPoint slide that looked kind of like San Francisco.  The picture looked like you were standing on Jefferson or Beach Street and looking West up towards Ghirardelli Square.  Kind of bored and not being one to let things go, I quickly logged onto my iphone and brought up the Google Mobile app:  I took a picture of the PowerPoint slide and let the Google Mobile app do its thing.  Now understand I snapped the pic very quickly and was quite a distance from the wall that the PowerPoint was being projected onto.  There were also people in the way, so again this wasn’t the best of situations.

Once the Google App finished, it came up with a link:  The shot I was looking for was in the “Images for traffic at night” link at the top of the results page:   I clicked on that picture and found out that it was a picture of “Harrogate town centre”.  Realizing that it wasn’t a picture of San Francisco, I selected the text and copied and pasted it into the Google search engine.  I learned that this picture was actually in Harrogate, North Yorkshire England (if I had been more observant, I would have noticed the cars headlight trails were on the “wrong side” of the street.  Duh).  I then saved that Google link into another app called “Read it Later”:  When I got home at night, I did some reading about the area and learned something about Harrogate England.

This sequence of events utterly amazes me that things like this are possible.  I work around technology all day and stuff like this keeps me energized with the type of work I do.

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