Thoughts on my Swiss Army Knife


I was given a Victornix Swiss Army Knife for Christmas when I was 16 years old (the one in the picture above).  I believe the model is called “Champion”.  At the time it was considered to have “all the bells and whistles” that you could possibly have on a knife.  It even has a small magnifying glass.  I remember wanting this knife so badly when I was a kid.  I was really into backpacking and hiking and needed a knife like this for when I went into the great outdoors.
I am now almost 46 years old.  This knife has been with me constantly for the last 30 years.  I have taken it on many of life’s adventures.  It has gone with me on three separate trips spanning ¾ of the Pacific Crest Trail (From Mexico up to around Burney Falls CA).  It helped repair my broken pack frame and even started a fire or two with the magnifying glass.
I had it on me at all times when I was in the Navy aboard ship and forward deployed.  It helped fix gear and equipment when tools were never to be found or hard find.
I took it with me to Japan when I was 17 (remember when you could take knives on planes?) and climbed Mt. Fuji with it.
When I was younger and went on long distance cycling events (triathlon’s and “centuries”), I used it to fix busted derailleurs and assist with fixing flat tires when I was out in the middle of nowhere.
In college I had it with me all the time.  I used it to open beer bottles at parties.  It would help start conversations, “Hey, let me help you with that beer bottle.  What is your name?  I am Brady…”.  While most parties I attended were not the sort of place “wine connoisseurs” would hang out, the built in corkscrew was used on more than one occasion.
I know the toothpick that is on it isn’t the most hygienic of toothpicks, but when you need a toothpick and one isn’t around, boy does that come in handy!
The tweezers have pulled numerous thorns, briars, and pieces of glass out of my body that shouldn’t have been in my body.
I thought I would never use the little saw that is on it, but I have even used it to make a lean-to when I went backpacking and didn’t take a tent because I knew for sure that it wouldn’t rain when I was going hiking (boy, did I not call that one).
I could go on and on about the other tools and how they were used.  Like how the file was used when working on my 1970 VW van that had broken down. To get it running again I used the file to clean up carbon build up on the rotor and cap terminals that was causing the engine to misfire.  There are TONS of stories like this.  The point is this knife is a part of me.  I look at it and remember all of these life events.  No inanimate object has been with me for this long.
So Swiss Army Knife who I depend on and trust, thank you for your years of service.  You are a part of my life and I am glad that you are here.  Here is to another 30 years together and the adventures we will share.


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