Lit Motors and molars

While at the dentist office today getting a crown put in, I started to talk to my dentist about the whole process.  My dentist had basically carved out the back half of my tooth to insert a porcelain piece in its place.   I was curious to know how the particular crown he was putting in could be strong enough to withstand me biting down (the human jaw can produce a bite force of around 175psi) since the crown was in the middle of my tooth creating a fracture line.  The bite force should basically break my tooth in half over time I thought.  How could my tooth withstand me biting down hard on a popcorn kernel or whatever other junk I decided to throw down the hatch?  I told my dentist that I had a degree in physical sciences, so I always want to know how things work.  Well, my dentist explained a lot how the new porcelain piece is bonded to my tooth both chemically and mechanically.  He described in detail how the dentin in my teeth worked and bunch of other stuff.  I mentioned that it sounded a bit like “nano machines” at work.  He laughed.

We then started talking about the machine that was building my new crown piece.  I told him that I worked at HP for many years and was somewhat familiar with CAD machines and this appeared to be something similar.  Again, my dentist talked to me at length about the machine and told me how it carved my crown out of a solid piece of porcelain.  I talked to him about how I wanted to get a MakerBot 3D printer.  He said he just bought one for he and his son to develop something for dentistry.

It was at this point that my dentist said I reminded him of his son.  Now my dentist is a Korean guy and is maybe 5′ 3″ tall.  I am of Scottish/Irish/English/American Indian decent and 6′ 4″ tall.  Obviously I have some other attribute that made him say what he said 😉

My dentist told me that I talk about things just like his son does.  He told me about his son’s current project.  He is building a pretty cool vehicle called the C-1 by Lit Motors.  It involves using gyroscopes to keep the two wheel vehicle upright at all times.  Very cool stuff.

Now it kind of sucked getting a crown put in and a couple of fillings done, but chatting with my dentist about geeky stuff kind of made it a little more bearable :).

The digital cleanse

I read about how the musician John Mayer suggested people go on a “digital cleanse”.  I had tried something similar a few years ago before twitter, facebook, and blogs became popular.  You had to go without email for a week.  Work email was ok, but no personal emails.

I only made it a day.

You see I am a weak bastard when it comes to electronics, gizmos, technology, etc.  Just looking around my house, it is sickening all of the electronic crap I have.  Well, no it isn’t, but my wife thinks so and maybe she has a point.  I am on the computer a good 50+ hours a week and always have a cell phone (myyyy preshhhhhuusssss) within arms reach at all times.

I would say I am a connected kind of guy.  No not THAT kind of connected with Tony Soprano and crew.  The geeky kind of connected.  Information of any sort is interesting to me.  When I was a kid I used to sit and read catalogs like Crutchfield’s, Heathkit and just memorize all of the different statistics and power ratings.  I read a lot on just about everything.  When I was a teenager, I liked reading my Dad’s Scientific American, OMNI, and Playboy magazines.  Oh, that last one wasn’t true.  Really.  I am just seeing if you are paying attention.  Anyways, having access to information and how information is disseminated to me has been kind of an interesting topic.  It is one of the reasons why I wanted to get into the IT field (besides that the chicks love a guy who talks about routers, servers, storage area networks, etc.  If my wife asks me to talk dirty to her, I say something like, “The server shut down dirty and I had to do a fschk to make sure I didn’t have any dirty sectors on the drive that would cause corruption.”  Yeah I know how to turn a girl on.).  For a while I was really interested in ham radio as I thought that was so cool that you could bounce radio waves off of the Earth’s atmosphere and talk to someone on the other side of the planet if conditions were just right.

Nowadays it is really easy to get access to pretty much anything you want to know about.  It is also easy to stay connected to this information stream that includes your friends and family no matter where they live.  I don’t live where I grew up.  I moved around quite a bit during my college years and then in the military.  Most people I know are scattered across the globe and with things like email, twitter, facebook, and blogging, I can keep up to date with what they are doing.  Distance really doesn’t mean anything now when it comes to relationships.  I always knew that growing up, but today it is even more true.

Getting back to the digital cleanse thing, this week was interesting.  I had a lot to say with my son turning six and the CES show (digital toys!!!) going on among other things.  I got accustomed to updating cyberspace with my ideas, and thoughts that were important to me.  I will admit it was a little difficult not posting things this week.  I actually slipped up once this week and sent an email via my phone, but I had seriously forgotten that was on the verboten list.  Other than that, it was a complete shut down of all social internet sites and applications(other than email).

I also missed not keeping up with people.  Did Steve find a job? Just how cold is Cindy in Montana this week? What sort of heavy machinery is Shawn driving today?  Did Kevin post any new videos of his music?  Will Michelle regale us with another housewife from Yacolt witty-ism (I kid Michelle, I kid!!!)?  All of these things become a part of my life that I can dip the digital toe into every once in a while to get a slice of their life and they in turn get to do the same with my life if they so chose.  Seriously, how great is that?

Yes, all of this information can be hectic and controlling if you let it and I think that is the point of what John is saying here.  Back away from it for a while and gain some perspective.  I fast one day a week for several different reasons, but this is one of the reasons why I fast with regards to food.  How do I relate to food and what is its meaning to me?  I am always trying to gain more insight into my life and my surroundings.

Now back to posting a bunch of useless nonsense about what I ate and what movie I saw because you know you are dying to hear about my life.IMG00018-20100108-1941