We don’t need you anymore.

First off, I am no economist.  I am not even capable enough to balance my checkbook.  There are things in life I can do pretty well (if I do say so myself), but finances just isn’t my forte. 

That being said, I noticed something today looking at the 6 month DJIA chart.  Starting in March of 2009, there is a fairly gradual gain being seen there.  It isn’t the best rally Wall Street has had in its long history, but at least it appears from the outside looking in that there is some good stuff going on there and we might be heading out of a recession as a few financial prognosticators are saying.

Now, here is another chart that I saw earlier in the week.  It is the US Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment survey.  For the month of June, it shows a figure of 9.5% meaning that 9.5% of the population that CAN work isn’t working.  Yes, yes, there are all kinds of caveats about “seasonal adjustments” and the fact that a lot of people aren’t being counted if they stop looking for work for longer than four weeks and a lot of other crazy numbers that make my head spin.  For the sake of the argument, lets just say a lot of people are out of work right now in the US who should be working.  Other countries are being hit pretty hard too, but I was lazy and didn’t look up the numbers.  Global recession?  Ok, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Now, when I look at the above two charts, doesn’t something just leap out at you?  It sure did to me.  Here we have a stock market showing several months of gains and the unemployment numbers showing the highest percentage of out of work people in over a decade. 

Here is where my silly wild ass bug eyed thinking machine most people call a brain goes into a temporary lock up mode (don’t worry folks, it is only temporary…hopefully).  How could this be?  How can the stock market be doing fairly well and yet vast numbers of people aren’t employed?  Then my brain slams into gear and a thought crosses my mind.  Could the reason why this is happening is because we don’t need these people to have a functioning society?  Huh?  What?  How can that be?  I dunno, but it seems to me that this is what the numbers are saying.  Now true we are in debt up to our kids standing on our shoulders and our grandkids standing on their shoulders eyeballs and all that, but seriously, this is the only way anything makes sense here.  It is like someone somewhere is saying, “why create new jobs?  We have a fairly healthy economy as is?”  Why do I need to deal with these unemployed people?  Just leave them to fend for themselves.  I have a job right?  AM I RIGHT???  Wrong! 

Something is seriously messed up here.  I have no idea what is really going on or what is happening.  I am just trying to call things as I see them and it doesn’t make any sense to me.  

Here is hoping that those of you out there looking for work can find it soon.